Chasen Research was established in 1986 in New York by Marcie Chasen, and has since grown into a premier national market research recruitment services organization. Over the years, our unique approach to recruitment has been described by our clients as innovative in our relentless quest for qualified and often highly specialized respondents. Our commitment to maximum quality and unparalleled service has earned us the reputation as an industry leader.


Focus groups, online research studies and panel surveys require participants that meet specific criteria. These criteria can range from consumer product users to high level executives, high tech specialists and physicians.At Chasen Research we pride ourselves on the creativity and diligence of our recruiting team that is trained to think “outside of the box”. Therefore, Chasen Research offers the unique ability to find highly specialized respondents using  social networking tools, database building and qualified referrals.


Our recruiters will accept only qualified individuals. We practice industry-accepted methods of recruitment in order to preserve the integrity of our client’s research. We ensure that our database is replenished with virgin respondents by consistently maintaining a large referral base. Because quality is never compromised at Chasen Research, our clients can be confident in the outcome of their studies.