Specialized Recruiting


Our goal at Chasen Research is to assess our clients specialized recruiting needs and to fulfill their individual requirements. After years of successfully completing thousands of challenging projects, we have developed a systematic approach that guarantees completion of projects in a quick and timely manner. Some of the areas that we focus on are:


Senior Business Executive

Media & Wall Street Executives

Opinion Leaders

Physicians & Health Care Professionals

Patients & Caregivers

Consumers: High Income, Urban, Suburban, Ethnic

Children & College Students



As part of keeping pace with new research technologies, Chasen Research recruits for on-line surveys and bulletin board studies, as well as on-line focus groups and one-on-ones. Chasen Research also provides in-home recruitment of individuals and small groups Our clients have found that the internet has evolved into a highly effective tool that complements traditional research methods conducted in focus room facilities.

At Chasen Research, we know that teamwork is an essential element in the completion of a successful project. We take a team approach with both our recruiting network and our clients. When we have to go that extra mile to get the job done, there is no hesitation. That is precisely why we offer supplemental services that aid in the orchestration of intricate studies. Establishing an all inclusive research field service has proven to be advantageous to our clients. Additional services that we provide are:


Nation-wide Recruitment & Field Coordination

Online, Webcast, Teleconferencing

Groups & Interviews

Executive Interviewing